Suzanne Zemke – Management Coaching and Consulting

As a manager, you are  required to manage yourself, a team, bosses and stakeholders as well as to deliver results through tasks and projects, BUT:

  • you have been given a management role with lots of responsibility but little support
  • you have no time or resources to develop management and leadership skills
  • you are managing more delivery and more complexity with fewer resources
  • you are dependent on teams and functions you do not control directly
  • you are operating in a complex work environment that is resistant to change
  • you have limited ability to influence decision makers.

Management Coaching and Consulting

Suzanne Zemke Management Coaching and Consulting applies the best of coaching, mentoring, leadership, project and change management to help individuals and teams deliver impressive results for their organizations while developing lasting insights, awareness, management and leadership skills, strategies and tactics.

Costs of the Manager’s Dilemma

  • Burnout
  • Failure to Deliver Results
  • High turnover
  • Status Quo
  • Increasing cost
  • Stagnation

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