About Suzanne Zemke

Suzanne Zemke is a management coach, consultant and educator.  She helps individuals,  teams and groups to achieve their professional goals by showing them how to quickly develop and apply new and differentiating interpersonal and delivery skills.  Since starting her coaching and consulting practice in 2007, Suzanne has:

->provided individual professional effectiveness coaching to over 50 clients from diverse professions includin

->provided high value IT transformation and delivery consulting services to Deutsche Bank, ING and Strategic Software Solutions.

->presented professional effectiveness seminars at conferences, universities and for private groups.

Prior to launching her coaching, consulting and speaking practice in 2007, Suzanne spent over 30 years managing teams, delivering results and transforming organizations in financial services, IT, and publishing.

Suzanne has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from State University of Buffalo, a Masters Degree in Child and Family Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching Certification and an Executive Coaching Certification from NYU.  Suzanne has run 5 New York Marathons, plays Recorder with an amateur early music trio and has recently given her first voice recital.