Management Coaching

Management Coaching enables managers and teams to quickly and effectively develop the insights, awareness, skills, capabilities and strategies necessary to develop professionally while delivering impressive results for the organization.

Why It Works:

We identify a business goal with clear value for your organization and within the context of this “real work” we identify your skill gaps, unhelpful behaviors and professional development opportunities.  Your managment coach provides the honest, direct feedback and guidance you need to close the gaps, reduce unhelpful behaviors and capitalize on the opportunities while you are doing real work for your organization.   You will not only achieve your goal you will also develop new management and leadership skills, capabilities and insights that will enable you to take on new goals, continue to develop yourself and also develop your team.

How It Works:

  • We meet regularly by telephone or in person.
  • We identify a challenging business goal and a result that has tangible business value.
  • We develop a strategy for achieving the goal.
  • I provide honest, direct support, mentoring, consulting, professional development and feedback as you execute the plan.
  • We evaluate the success of the plan and the value of the goal.
  • We make sure that your manager and organization also recognize the value of your contribution and development.


For more information on our services please contact your Management Coach today.