Management Seminars

  • One hour interactive workshops present management concepts and introduce the associated skills.
  • The workshops are hard hitting, fast paced and relevant.
  • Content and delivery reflects decades of management and leadership experience “in the trenches.”
  • Workshops lay the groundwork for coaching engagements as well as reinforce and extend the insights and learning gained during a coaching engagement.
  • Workshops are customized to the needs of the organization and draw on a large existing inventory of content and material.
  • Workshop combined with individual or team coaching yield long term benefit and the best return on investment.
  • Participants are eligible for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session valid for three months after the seminar.

Please Inquire About These Seminars:

Selling “You” Effectively and Authentically

“You” are a product andyou need to sell that product in order to develop a network and to get a job.  Learn how to do it in a way that feels authentic to you and that gets results!

Elevator Speech

The elevator speech is an essential component of your professional marketing strategy.  While crafting a good message is important, what most people don’t know is that how you deliver your elevator speech is as important as the message!  You will find that you can easily apply what you learn in this seminar to different kinds of interpersonal interactions including networking conversations, interviews and informal extemporaneous presentations.

Developing Professional Connections

The first stage of the three stage healthy networking process is to build a portfolio of professional contacts you know well enough to reach out to via phone or email.

Cultivating Professional Connections

Once you know people well enough to leave them a voice mail or send them an email, you need to get to know them well enough to ask for help!  This calls for cultivation!

Getting Things Done

No matter what your job or your aspiration, being able to deliver a result, get things done, or achieve a difficult goal is what will differentiate you from the rest of the pack. Being knowledgeable and ambitious is important but not enough to achieve big goals. The good news is that you can quickly learn what it takes to be an effective delivery agent and you can start raising your delivery game right now!  You will also discover that you can apply what you learn in this seminar to many of the other challenges and goals you face in your personal and professional life.