Where Does Confidence Come From?

Do you wish you had more control over the results of your professional interactions and transactions?  Do you wish you felt more comfortable speaking about who you are and what you?  Do you wish you felt more comfortable in interviews?  Do you wish you felt more confident making a cold call or dealing with a difficult or intimidating person at work? Do you wish you felt more comfortable speaking publicly and extemporaneously?

The good news is that about 90% of the human race wishes for the same things!  The even better news is that you can start feeling more confident and comfortable in these situations NOW.  A very wise person once told me “you can only have confidence if you know what you are doing!”  The fact of the matter is as soon as you get a few skills under your belt, you can navigate challenging interactions more effectively and miraculously confidence follows!

In future posts,  I will share with you techniques and insights that you can apply immediately to get more powerful, positive results in your professional interactions and transactions.

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